Exceptional Service!

Our staff has never been impressed with the speed sandwiches are delivered by Jimmy Johns! It’s not necessarily their fault; they clearly have a niche on food delivered fast. Fact is we have enjoyed a level of service that far surpasses the hustle of this quick order food provider.

Enter Mike Henry, retired Marine who works with Les Olsen Company. Mike moved to Utah so that he and his wife Lisa could raise their children in a better family environment than they were experiencing. While they have fallen in love with Utah, we too are quite fond of Mike. From the first day he walked in our office we knew we were in for a treat (yes-Lisa is an amazing baker but not what I am referencing here). His kind, loving spirit is contagious. From the minute he comes to the time he goes to his next appointment our office fills with joy. We almost hope for equipment breakdowns so that we can see Mike!

It is as if Mike is aware of our need before we are. I swear there are times he walks through our door before we hang up the phone. Too, he never pushes us to order more than we need and is quick to point out ways our equipment will save us money. Birthdays and holidays are always made special through his kindness.

Perhaps his extraordinary service comes from the military background where he proudly acknowledges “Honor, Courage, Commitment,” or his deep devotion to family and faith. Certainly, these characteristics are part of his work ethic, yet we realize it comes first from his heart. He cares and loves without exception, and he functions at a very high level creating an opportunity for all who are privileged to know him.


Merry Christmas Mike, God bless you!

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