What’s up with Mitt?

Who among us doesn’t enjoy a little attention now and then? As I write this piece, I hope that someone will both read and comment on my thoughts. When we receive the recognition it feels good which drives us to attain more. Most of us will never reach the levels realized by famous individuals to understand how compelling the sensation may be.

Over the years, we can see that Mitt Romney went from being the son of a well-known family to gaining personal acknowledgments, mainly in politics. Nothing touches the world stage, quite like being the leader of the United States. As we know, he almost achieved that goal placing his recognition meter on high alert. After his loss, he must have felt a shattering blow yet maintained the inner drive of feeling relevant.

Evidence that perhaps these emotions are even subconscious shows up when on March 2, 2016, Mitt delivered a speech in Salt Lake City at the Hinkley Institute. In his opening remarks, he said, “I’m not here to announce my candidacy for office.” I remember thinking at the time, no Mitt, we didn’t believe you were running a third time.

Comments he made on policy that day gave us insight into how Mitt felt about President Trump’s abilities: “If Donald Trump’s plans were ever implemented, the country would sink into prolonged recession.”

History now has shown the wisdom of Mitt’s insight into a candidate he doesn’t like. We enjoy a one hundred and eighty-degree turn from the fearmongering offered that day.

Other comments give light to Mitt’s personal feelings on our President: “Let me say that again. There’s plenty of evidence that Mr. Trump is a con man, a fake. Mr. Trump has changed his positions not just over the years, but over the course of the campaign.”

I can’t move on without a little chuckle on a man calling out another for changing positions when they are the king of the criticim. Mitt is known for flip-flopping on the stage for those he seeks support:

• Against flat tax when Steve Forbes was running for President, then for it as GOP front-runner.

• For national healthcare as Governor, then against it in the Las Vegas GOP debate.

• In 2002 while running for Governor, he supported abortion rights, then six years later, amid his second presidential bid, he clarified being anti-abortion.

• While running for Senate in 1994, he praised “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as a step in the right direction, then in 2007 as Republican presidential nominee he said he would not change the policy.

• And then on the topic of when life begins, Romney both supported and opposed making a change in the same month.

I don’t think we care, but it shows how our own self beliefs can blind us. Ronmey’s feelings toward Trump go back in time (remember Mitt willingly met with the man he despised seeking a cabinet position after his remarks in Salt Lake). Another flip-flop? Perhaps or something driving him other than morals as he self describes.

Let me finish with thoughts of why Romney voted to impeach the President which includes my personal view of the whole process.

Many New Orleans Saints fans feel cheated by bad calls from the referees in playoff games. When we are loyal to a cause, we see things others may not; we naturally bring our biases. As a sports fan, I can sit next to a friend who supports the opposing team and see things entirely different. It is the same in politics. I have friends who believe Trump did wrong, and I don’t see it. These feelings are human to be talked out by openly listening to an opposing view. I know many of us don’t look for or even seek out differing views. People don’t grow and societies won’t develop when only one opinion is considered. Healthy debate with the ability of a majority decision brings common good.

Mitt brought to the vote his disdain for the President and desire to be significant. To help his subconscious, he, unfortunately, used his faith, his promise to defend the Constitution, and the ability to “impartially judge” to the table as excuses. These feelings were more significant than the party he claims and what retribution may come.

If you have met Mitt, his intentions are sincere and he does care. I feel he fell victim to something he bigger than his wisdom.


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