Correcting the downward spiral

Outside events can trigger the way we feel. Our feelings change how we act, which cycle back to reinforce how we feel. The sequence can be a downward spiral if we’re not careful.

We, as citizens of a connected world, hear voices of a billion people who together trade emotions of the unknown. Frightened people are those whose feelings are amplified the most. Often their stories are isolated incidents or innocent misunderstandings of things they’ve read. Oddly, everyone’s story is breaking news—wanting to help—but only speeding the downward spiral.

The other side of our world’s pandemic is the goodness of our fellow citizens. Where everyday people willingly participate in lending a hand. These are the stories that will change our mood, level our emotions, and allow us to be better equipped should we need.

Too, it is a time when our simple life’s pleasures are remembered with gratitude. Where we become familular with ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. When life’s abundance becomes apparent, and the simple act of giving fills our soul with joy.

I am grateful to those who are sacrificing to slow the spread. For those working in essential businesses that are keeping us fed, safe, functioning, and healthy. Grateful for the thoughts and prayers of our fellow citizens that are making a difference. Thankful, you read my post and will help in spreading the goodness our day brings.


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