Why is the liberal media pulling away from the Whitehouse press conferences?

President Trump has a Gallup poll approval rating of sixty percent for the work he has done handling the COVID-19 crisis. Statistically, this is remarkable when you understand nearly seventy-nine percent of the media reporting pushes out negative news toward him intentionally.

In the same poll, the media earned an astounding fifty-five percent disapproval rating. Ask yourself here why a news report would have such low regard. These numbers come at a time Americans are tuning into the press conferences in record numbers, ratings have never been higher! My impression is that when so many witnesses an event firsthand, to read later how a reporter portrayed it, and the two don’t align, they disapprove. Especially at this critical time in our history when we want the truth.

I have done my best to find time to watch the press conference daily. I am better able to lead those I’m responsible for by staying on top of the latest events. Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Surgeon General Jereme Adams have been some of my favorite speakers. Their plain language, no-frill, tell it like it is approach is reassuring. Too, I am fascinated by watching President Trump interact as I can learn more about his leadership style. He clearly defers naturally to the professionals, absorbs the details, and then takes action. He is the individual responsible for bringing our country hope; he does this in his way while ensuring that those on the task force are respected and their concerns addressed. The team is world-class and is capable of leading us through the pandemic.

When I learned that news organizations were discussing or already planning to cut away from the press conferences, I thought I’d take some time to learn why. From my experience, they are critical for us as citizens to watch. So much knowledge can be acquired to combat our fear of the unknown. The best way for me to find my answer was to read from reports in the Washington Post, New York Times, and Politico. And to listen to NPR, and watch MSNBC. It didn’t take much work at all to find bias. Did you happen to see Dr. Birx respond to the death panels or lack of ventilators, she read about, calling out the reporters for misleading the country? I had this experience in my observations. The reporters are distorting facts intentionally and why I feel they held in such low regard.

Why is the liberal media pulling away from the Whitehouse press conferences? Because our President makes it difficult for them to fulfill their agenda when the viewers see the truth. America has fallen in love with the COVID-19 task force. I hope one of the benefits of these times will be that we learn how distrustful the media has become.

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