“Very painful two weeks”- I’m all in President

For me, yesterday was a transition from acting out of duty to serving with all my heart. Our President stood at the podium with dire forecasts that we could see as many as 240,000 deaths in the United States from complications of the Coronavirus. Immediately, my mind went to the time I stood looking over the fields of Gettysburg humbled by the grandeur of the moment where the tremendous loss of life forever touched me. I then thought of the privilege I had enjoyed traveling through the Arlington National Cemetery, observing in awe that so many had sacrificed for us. As I stood watching the ceremony conducted over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, my heart sank, knowing how many mother’s lives were forever changed.

Memories are perhaps the way we attempt to understand the unknown. The time we are living in is historical; it mirrors those eras in history that tested character and forged a new commitment to our unity as a country.

At the very moment, the President made his announcement, my selfish feelings of wondering when we would be released from the restrictions we are living under, moved to compassion and obligation. My actions are no longer trying. I stand willing to participate, knowing that if we as citizens of this great country, merely social distance, practice good hygiene, and help those who are unable, we can save lives.

It is staggering to think our loss could have been higher than all US wars combined! That from our efforts to date, the number is merely a percentage of the potential loss. And, if we but hunker down for a little longer, many of our family, friends, and fellow citizens will live. I am all in! We will win this war!

Gratitude for those who willingly participate, history has shown us how America comes out of her trials. The roaring twenties were the time just after the 1918 flu epidemic. The light at the end of the tunnel is bright, may we be blessed to celebrate once again.


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