Why our millennial children may be the best the world has seen!

Our millennial children have lived through three (four) decades, two centuries, and are now in their second millennium. During their life, they have seen the world’s population increase by one-third from six billion people to eight. Poverty across the world has decreased, education has increased, and life expectancy is on the rise. They have witnessed significant advancements in medicine, technology, and communication. There is a reason to celebrate!

Yet with all the good that has transpired over their years, our children have also seen global terrorism as a youth, experienced a global recession in young adulthood, and now as parents are living through a worldwide pandemic.

To our children, your grandparents may well be the “Greatest Generation,” but you are redefining what it means to have a strong character. Bless you to learn from life’s trials to become better than those who have lived before you! We are grateful for who you are and what you will become.


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