Thank those who are making our lives better!

The other night I saw a news story where highrise residents of New York would lean out their windows and cheer for hospital workers as they completed their shift changes. I have healthcare workers in my family who are engaged in “wartime” service, as described by our president. The story brought tears to my eyes!

My heart has always known the willing sacrifices our medical care professionals make. And it isn’t just during a pandemic. They take care of the sick and afflicted every day of every week. Why this is different is that they are going into an environment we are all asked to avoid! Yes, just like our warriors who willingly go into battle. Neither group knows whether or not they will be fortunate enough to come out unscathed.

With a heart filled with gratitude, I want to join in the cheering from the rooftops. I am thanking those who are sacrificing, making a difference, and saving lives at the risk of their own. These individuals are engaged with the highest risk of any work we are doing today.

Too, not necessarily on the front lines, yet with similar dedication, we must also recognize: our grocery store workers, fire and police departments, delivery personnel, and gas stations. They are showing up and doing their jobs with grace and humility.

Thank you to the workforce leaders in non-profits, corporations, local businesses, and the entrepreneurs who have figured out how to protect jobs and serve their customers in new and innovative ways.

Thank you to spiritual leaders and teachers for finding ways to maintain contact in new ways. Many of us rely on your love and interest in our wellbeing.

Thank you to parents and kids who are living with competing priorities (i. e. school vs. work). And for those who have generously assisted those in need.

Thank you to businesses that have altered manufacturing to provide needed medical PPE or increased production in existing facilities.  And to the scientists, biologists, and engineers who are developing vaccines, antibodies, treatment, and cures.

I’m grateful to you if you have read this far, for helping our community, and doing the work needed to slow the spread. My list isn’t complete, add by creating your list and letting others know how grateful we are for them.


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