What is the hidden pandemic we have grown accustomed to today?

An information crisis! The crisis is in the news and on social media. I won’t take a side as there is good evidence of bias all around us, no matter your persuasion. But, we must realize the agendas today are strong enough for recognized personalities to lie, alter the truth, and distort facts. Could their interest be fame? And why they’re selfish wanting ratings and not sharing meaningful information that will help our country in time of need.

Not too long ago, times seemed different to me. For example, I was a regular observer of “Meet the Press” with Tim Russert. At the time, I felt he reported fairly, and I enjoyed watching the differing views on various political topics. I was okay with David Gregory for a time, but never really got too excited about watching his program. Then, when Chuck Todd became host, I stopped watching altogether and have never participated again. I found him to be incapable of a fair or intelligent discussion.

Just yesterday, I watched a segment that emphasized the length; some are willing to distort facts in representing our current leaders. Dan Crenshaw, Navy Seal, and member of Congress, talked with Bill Maher, Comedian about President Trump. It was a post on LinkedIn that caught my attention (thank you to whoever posted it).

I am not an observer of Maher, nor do I know much about Crenshaw, so it was interesting for me to watch. Dan admits Trump has faults, but his policies and love of our country are what lead him in his support. Bill, by stating his feelings toward Trump, “he does nothing but pass the buck, lie, finger point, and shirk responsibility,” should be considered biased or closed-minded on Trump’s intentions. That, unfortunately, is our media today!

It is through watching this segment a few things have reignited in my mind that I want to share:

  • Anyone that is recorded daily in lengthy conversations can be taken out of context.
  • When we are compared to perfection, we fail.
  • The context of our statements is critical.
  • If we hear accusations, ask yourself, was their goal to make someone look bad, or get to the truth?
  • And, base facts on what we knew at the time statements were made.

I sense observation of these ideas will help us choose who we listen to and guide us on how we report what we have heard.

Our President is an optimistic man, perhaps overly confident at times where he can be misunderstood in his honest efforts to lead. These traits make him an unusual target. If I understand his style, it helps me appreciate his intent. I feel he loves our country and shows an uncanny willingness to make personal sacrifices for our country’s success. We need to concentrate on more policy and less on personality. Our country is only as good as our healthy debate on issues we care about, not by systematically dismantling those who were elected to represent us.

I don’t know a single person who is filled with enough hate for an individual, that they are willing to sacrifice our country to prove a point. I hope we see through those who appear to be different.


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