Did we move into a new era in record time without knowing?

Over the centuries, the past shows us many periods in world history. I’m not sure that the individuals of these times knew the significance of change as it occurred over the years during their lifetime. Did the people see themselves moving from the bronze age to the iron age, or from the age of revolution to the romantic era? Have you noticed that parents don’t see changes in their children as they grow as we do who don’t see them as often? When we are part of a change, it is hardly noticeable as the gradual movement is scarcely perceptible. What are your thoughts when you look at old pictures to then realized the significant life changes you have forgotten about?

The industrial revolution came about with advancements in communication (telegraph-telephone) and transportation (canals-railroads). It was a time where the population had grown, and there was a need for more creation of food and products. It was gradual but necessary to meet the demands of the growing population. Our time is no different! The world population continues to grow, communication has evolved a remarkable pace, and it is nearly impossible to imagine the changes in delivery coming.

I’ll agree that during this pandemic, we have lost track of time, lost sanity, and every morning we seem to wake up to groundhog day! What is hidden from our view is that these last eight weeks are like no other in history. We are living in the first-ever worldwide economic freeze, highly accessible media rage, and an unfolding tragedy yet to be understood. However, in these last few weeks, we have ushered in a new era in record time, and we are yet to see the powerful changes that are here to stay.

The pandemic has demonstrated we have access digitally to more information than we ever knew possible. While the temporary new normal has shifted our minds from the dramatic nature of the change, yet we are now in it full throttle. It isn’t typical employees doing typical work; it is the recognition that through human advancements, we can achieve more today than at any other time. We are on record pace to achieving those never before answers to questions we may have never thought we were capable of asking.

It isn’t merely connectivity, which by itself is remarkable. It is how quickly we can discover, alter, and create. Automakers shifted to medical device manufacturers in weeks with new innovative ideas improving the product. Science at record pace found new solutions never before thought possible.  And human interaction will be forever changed in ways we are yet to understand. You will be able to add to the list of ways you’ve seen adaption to needs for you.

Leadership will be your new opportunity to stand up and make a difference. Positive change is here for those who are willing.


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