Heart of peace

A Christmas stocking was sitting at a bar; he leaned over to a piñata, saying, “There is nothing worse than being stuffed with candy and hung on a mantle.”  Put yourself in the piñatas state of mind as he thinks, “Really?!”

As we surf through social media and other socialization methods, we find ourselves masked in self-delusion, believing our perspective is all that matters. These computer environments then attract like-minded people who support us, drawing more into our camp. Add a factor of removing differing views through unfriending, or avoidance and the trench deepens. We find ourselves basking in an imaginary world of bliss where we are views are justified, and others see things as we do.

Yet, we all know politically, that is only half the story. Add the vast differences beyond politics to realize why our social engagement is stressed to the point of causing tension between people who typically find themselves in agreement.

What do we do? I think it is simple. We need to see ourselves as either having a heart of war or one of peace. If you see others with a differing view as inferior or an object, you have a heart of war. Empathy is suppressed, and conflict perpetuates. When we are able to see others as a human with similar trials and joys, goals, and aspirations; we enjoy a heart of peace. We allow for compassion, which reflects on us. It promotes a spirit of understanding. In this environment, we are able to discuss, learn, and grow together. Not one of us is always right, has all that is needed to understand, or is incapable of redirection.

Some of us may need to change the state of our hearts and how we view others. We need to see others as people, like us, with feelings and emotions. Others can have a different and equally valid viewpoint. If we listen to their perspective, we understand their needs. I hope it shocks you, as it does me when I actively listen with indifference at what I can learn.

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