The anonymous gift

It is heartwarming to receive a gift, whether expected or not. In our minds, we sense that the giver has taken the time to seek out something we might enjoy. Yet, there is a better feeling, one that touches the depths of our soul; the act of giving.

Think with me about the joy you feel when you see someone you have acknowledged through kindness by giving of yourself! These feelings are long-lasting and deeply satisfying. In our hearts, we find a joy that has at its core the ability to shift our orientation. The positivity lifts our spirits allowing for an even greater opportunity to give.

We have been through a lot this year. Covid-19 has made the last eleven months feel like the longest year we have lived, and we have a month left! December is a month typically filled with celebrations that emphasize joy.

In this unusual year, the best we can give would be the gift of joy. We can do this on a large scale. If each one of us took it upon ourselves to provide an anonymous gift, it would spread like wildfire through our communities.

Here’s how it works. If I give you a gift, you know I have given and express gratitude toward me. Yet, if you are to receive an anonymous gift—you have no idea who gave it—so your appreciation extends to everyone who could have possibly given. Your heart turns toward others in a way that brings joy to all as they are seen as someone who perhaps could have given. Your light fills the world with joy.

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