Secret Santa pays off!

It may be the time of year or merely the fortune of turning around your perspective!

Not long ago, a miserable soul was found complaining again; however, what was new was that he didn’t play a part in the poor me saga.

Many in the office where he worked and the places he frequented grew tired of hearing how bad things were and that the end of the world was near. Not only were his words negative, but the aura that seemed to follow him like a dark cloud on a sunny day.

It wasn’t uncommon for you to see people outwardly avoid contact, which only seemed to add to his disdain for life. I’m this, he’s that, and the sky is falling. If you want to learn about anything disturbing, you only need to find five minutes to spare in listening to endless stories of woe.

On a day where first snows fell, causing traffic delays, one might expect an unusual audience surrounding this contrary soul as did on this cold morning. But it seemed more than that; people were engaged, seeming to have a meaningful conversation.

As one walked near, you could sense something was different, so many stayed to listen. Poor me moved to please help as he mindfully expressed the need for a nephew in pain. You see, the story wasn’t about how bad the world is, but what may be done for a family in need.

His nephew was burdened by aging parents, who adopted their son late in life. The father had a stroke as the mother, his sister, dealt with a terminal illness. The son was barely hanging on as he did all in his power to support his parents, who had been so good to him over his life. Money was tight, helping hands limited, and a shortage of time to do all that was needed.

All that was asked was for those who could to offer prayers of support that somehow, someway, this struggling family would find peace.

What happened next changed a life, which in turn changed a community. These listening ears gathered privately and decided they would act as secret Santas performing miracles to provide for the family.

Food and money were donated, professional services were offered under a secret code of wanting nothing more than to spread goodwill.

That’s when the miracle happened. As gifts came flowing in daily, the unhappy soul began to realize the world wasn’t how he saw it. Fact is, it was astonishing how his sister’s family became uplifted in a time of suffering. Prayer was answered, but by who?

Not long after the holiday, she passed. But it was with joy in her heart that she was able to witness a transformation she had only hoped for in her brother.

She felt he would never realize true happiness. The kind of happiness that comes to those who give of themselves. He didn’t give because he felt he never received. She would tell him that he walked a path of self-fulfilling prophecy. But he couldn’t see it past his misguided philosophies.

Because coworkers acted in protected silence, he couldn’t figure out who was doing the work. If he went to the store, he thought it could be them, to the post office them as well. At work, not out of the question as each group was asked to help. Then he began thinking it could be anyone on the street or in the community. As his curiosity grew, so did his willingness to express gratitude.

What once was a dark world of self-centered people grinding through life, taking where they could. Was now, people shining brilliantly with hope and respect wanting nothing more than to provide for others where possible. They were people who thought of others first, offering a helping hand even when it was difficult. As they gave, his heart began to turn. He now wanted to give with what seemed to be an endless supply of love.

As he gave, he received, opening the doors of opportunity. What once felt like the parting Red Sea became open arms wanting to hang around him. Nothing changed; he changed. They were always good; he didn’t see it. To not offend the possible secret Santa, all became the Santa in his eyes. As they did, he became the Santa in their eyes.

What he learned is a secret to some. We see what we look for. If you want to see the good in people, look for it, it is there in shining colors. And when you see the good in others, your goodness shines bright, creating an aura so distinct it attracts. The world becomes a glorious display of unique color-seeking good.

Don’t wait for a secret Santa to change who you are; become one. Who knows you may receive more than you could ever dream possible.

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