Holiday spirit found

Joy can be found in the most uncomplicated times. While driving home last night after a day where wintery white snows blanketed the Salt Lake Valley. I came upon an incident where a brave soul was battling the elements to help a stranded driver stuck in the snow.

As I approached, I could see the helper had strategically placed their car so that traffic in both directions could see the potential harm. The driver was petite, not fully understanding how to navigate snow-covered streets. The male helper appeared to be in control, offering advice and pushing as the car moved.

Then it hit me; as the helper turned, I saw it was my son who quickly brought to my attention that the car was his and he had stopped to rescue a soul in need. Before you ask, I couldn’t stop safely but looked in my rearview mirror to see Jake had successfully got this person on their way.

As I summoned Siri to call, my heart filled with pride, knowing perhaps our parenting had paid off! Learning our legacy through our children may perpetuate goodness in our world.

Not all will stop, I haven’t always been good at it, we often think they will be okay, someone else will stop, or I don’t have enough time. Yet, when we think about a mother, wife, or daughter who may need help, we turn toward helping every time.

You see, our children develop through maternal sensitivity, social, emotional, and cognitive attributes that place in the heart goodness that enables service-mindedness. In comparison, the paternal bond stimulates openness to the outside world.

As joy rushed through my soul, I thought this manly man had acted on instincts he would pass on as he now shares with his wife the development of our grandchildren. I see Sara holding close and Jake saying, let them go. Mom, be careful, Dad, you can do it. This encouragement allows for risk-taking from a place of safety. It is how we help and succeed in life.

Thank you, Jake! For making my holiday spirit fit the celebration we honor. For One greater than us all has given an example to follow. Merry Christmas, friends. And happy holidays to those who are celebrating other meaningful events.

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