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‎”What can you accomplish in life? Anything you want, all you need do is believe!”

‎”When you touch the heart of another; they will in turn touch the heart of yet another.”

“Our purpose may simply be to make a difference in the life of another, why not start right now!”

“Want to hear a great story? Ask the one you’re with to tell you about their life.”

“It is at those times you feel you have exhausted all possibilities that you must preserver to the end; to then realize what you had hoped for.”

“Remembering the times you were wrong, so the same mistakes aren’t made again is where we learn and grow!”

‎”Don’t be satisfied with seeing things as they are, dream of how they can be!”

‎”Every great accomplishment was believed to be impossible at one time, or until someone who knew they could do it did!”

“Times of despair are necessary for us to fully enjoy happiness.”

“How is it something so simple like a modest compliment can have such long lasting effects?”

‎”Nothing can stop you from being the person that exists in your heart!”

“While you may feel your light is insignificant, remember a single ray of hope is often all that is needed in the life of another!”

“It is my belief that no matter your fortune in life, you will find your greatest joys in serving others.”

‎”There are always opportunities for those who are willing!”

“You are among friends if what you are doing doesn’t matter, and you are enjoying yourselves.”

‎”Isn’t it funny how those thoughts of impossibly disappear as you finish your dream! And then it’s, “On to the next great accomplishment.” Never give up!”

“Our lives are filled with people who come and go. It is our friends who leave their imprint on our hearts and will be remembered forever. Never find yourself wishing you had spent more time with them.”

“There isn’t much better than a good old laugh from the bottom of your soul; one that brings tears to your eyes!”

“Start with a simple desire, and then remember: Nothing can stop a human soul on fire!”

“Remember the things in life which receive the greatest recognition are not always our most valued.”

“Having trouble making a decision? Flip a coin. If you don’t like how it lands, turn it over.”

“Our lives are made better because ordinary people maintain greater passion toward achieving their dreams than the obstacles placed before them.”

‎”Compassion for selfless service ensures we will never want.”

‎”Forget the times you give; let the times you receive be stored in you heart forever!”

“Road blocks or difficulties are only character builders which are found on every path leading to greatness.”

“Do you ever feel you are wasting your time? You are, only if you are not enjoying the time you believe you are wasting. Nothing is wasted with joy in your journey.”

‎”Small acts of kindness ripple across great oceans of need when love is expressed…”

“The greater you become the less you need.”

“Our world is made better through the imagination of those who simply believe-Why not?”

“Completion of any worthy aspiration will leave evidence that initial feelings of impossibility were only obstacles of fear which proved easy to overcome.”

“The feeling you experience as you move past the fear making choices is courage. Courage then isn’t the lack of fear, but rather knowledge of what is important and acting on it.”

“If you want your dreams to come true; you must first have a dream!”

“Life maybe a little backwards; we learn life lessons after we have been tested.  Knowing this makes all the difference!”

‎”Whatever you love will love you back; life, friends, family, and you!”

‎”We need never lose hope as long as we remember to look for the opportunities presented in each challenge.”

“Success is the place where preparation and opportunity meet!”

‎”I am grateful for friends who are making their mark on life, and giving me a chance to learn from them. I am better for having known you!”

‎”Don’t let time pass you by, use every occasion available to better yourself. Take every opportunity offered; it may only come but once in a lifetime.”

“Remember there is equality in all things. While it seems darkness dominates the news; light too is present. Seek out goodness as it is all around us.”

“You know, sometimes we pray to God for angels to help us, and sometimes he sends them in the form of regular people, just like us.”

“The pleasure felt by an innocent kind word is magnified tenfold from the efforts exhausted by those who give them out.”

“Often while navigating through life we find ourselves accomplishing things which at one time seemed impossible. Remember this as you step out to achieve the unimaginable.”

‎”Be willing to go out on a limb; it’s where the fruit is.”

“Don’t be the first to be convinced of failure by doubting in yourself. Change your direction if needed, but never the decision to live out your dreams.”

“It is the small things you do for us we will remember forever and fill the largest places in our hearts. Your kind deed, no matter how small you feel it is, soon becomes a tidal wave of positive momentum. Keep giving; knowing you are making a difference!”

“We want our leaders to be confident and have high self-regard—they are our mentors. We want to emulate true leaders. They teach us about the greatness we have inside, they promote our own abilities, and they allow us to be better for having known them.”

“A donation of money can provide a great service, it is true, but mercy requires a donation of the heart as well.”

“If ever you wonder about ones character; look at who they call friend!”

“Our sincerity gives others an example, opening doors for our influence as others begin to solicit our observations. As we participate in the growth of others, our wisdom is magnified and we begin to master the highest level of learning.”

‎”Good leaders inspire us with confidence in their talents. Inspired leaders build confidence in our talents. Live provoked to direct lives and build community. Stir the fires of faith knowing that with a variety of talent built on self-assurance; you will be triumphant in everything you do!”

“Those who survive through the roadblocks, those who make a difference in our world, and those who are remembered—all these lived the impossible dream. We are living in a world today that is made up of the dreams of yesterday.”

“Know that every time you succeed in achieving your dreams, you place hope in the heart of another!”

‎”No one should ever suffer from regret if they but learn to follow their heart.”

“You will never succeed at anything unless you are willing to fail in your journey.”

“If you never ask for what you really want; you may never find that it could have been yours. Take the risk. You will be surprised out the outcome!”

“Being happy with who you are solidifies positively what you will yet become.”

“Nearly everything we do worthwhile seems impossible; until we complete the task.”

“Life is a symphony when you join with others who are playing different instruments.”

“Let each of us help to cure our world of the dreadful disease of loneliness by being a friend to someone in need.”

“I personally experienced the value of holding on through those times when it appears all is against you. Know in the minute you feel like giving in is the time and place the tide will turn. Never give up; live out your dreams!!!”

“To get what you want; give what you have!”

“Whatever you love will love you back!”

‎”There is something to learn from everyone you meet; take time to listen.”

“Hope is not having a sure knowledge of aspirations but putting ones heart toward the actions necessary to achieve; then being content with the results.”

“Want to change a life? Tell someone you know that you believe in them. Do it today and watch the miracles to follow.”

“If you knew that what you think is what you become, what would you be thinking? I have found this to be a principle of life. Think well of yourself and dream big!”

“Those seemingly simple decisions we make each day develop into the lives we live. Make them wisely and follow your heart!”

“Reach out and touch someone’s heart today; friends are the cure for all ills. There are many waiting for your participation in their life!”

“Leaders arise from individuals who deliver more than they promise.”

“Your greatest joy will come in learning to appreciate what you have, rather than seeking things you feel you don’t.”

“Could it be our disappointments from this failing economy are only a test of our character? If used appropriately, we will come out of this crisis with strengthened spirit.”

“Good friends are not hard to come by; be one first. Friends are your connection to life. It is they who will build a path to your greatest potential.”

“When you feel times are tough try reflecting on the fact: water cut through rock to create our canyons.  Perseverance is perhaps greater than power.”

‎”Nothing is more powerful than the human soul which has found its destiny.”

“Never believe good things just happen; they come to those who give freely!”

“Each of you are truly unique and enjoy extraordinary talents. I believe it is your duty to share with us your experiences. We, through following your path; will participate in enjoying greater happiness.”

“Dream, Desire, Do; it will be Done.”

“Don’t be disappointed by the things you never did; dream, explore and discover!”

‎”Miracles are only such to those who don’t believe”

“Those who are placed in our paths, and the experiences we learn from them, are given to prepare us for our future.”

“Leaders find merit in opposing views; then discover a solution which benefits the group.”

“I have learned through this recession that my riches are not material things, they are my friends.”

“Don’t lose your individuality; covering your quirky traits by what the world deems odd will only take the fun out of who you are.”

“Being appreciated is one of our greatest desires.”

“If you live life for yourself there is no void when you are gone. Your immortality will come by living for others.”

“Patience is a secret to a successful life; one full of happiness.”

“If you aren’t failing once in a while, you aren’t trying hard enough.”

‎”When you look into the heavens and dream upon the stars; understand anything is possible if you stick with it.”

“For us to learn, we need to know if we listen it maybe forgotten, if we hear and see it will create a memory, but understanding comes from doing.”

“Dreams are there for us to realize anything is possible. Never stop dreaming, never stop believing; know you can accomplish anything you set your mind too.”

“Wisdom brings us back if we get off track; light directs us home if we become lost.”

“The more I learn, the more I understand, the greater my compassion.”

“Any great achievement required risk. Be willing to risk, knowing you have unlimited potenial.”

“Life is a precious gift, one often taken for granted.”

“A true test of ones ability to lead comes from respect while leading, fruits of service, and continued admiration after the title is gone.”

“Leaders understand their weaknesses and appreciate the need to fill in the gaps with trusted advisors. They are not threatened by surrounding themselves with smarter more talented people. The only way to come to an understanding of what is best, what unintended consequences may be, or how to reach greater heights; leaders must use all available talent.”

“Never be too old, too smart, or too stubborn to seek wisdom.”

“Acknowledge the greatness you are born too; learn of the spirit directing your life.”

“A true leader is one who is the greatest servant and is willing to give their all to others. One who will openly give praise to others and never seek the admiration of those for whom they lead.”

“Effective leaders need nothing but themselves to move us to common good.”

“No matter your age, no matter your experience, no matter your understanding, seek out the knowledge of your fellow beings.”

“True leaders are individuals we want to emulate. They teach us about the greatness we have inside bringing out our abilities; allowing us to be better for having known them.”

“Receive victories modestly; defeats with self-respect. Take appreciation with honor; condemnation as misunderstanding. Accept knowledge as a blessing; ignorance as a challenge. Recognize faith as essential; doubt required for discovery.”

“Learn from your own experiences, make observations of others, but be wise enough to know the value of another’s opinion.”

“True joy and happiness comes from an abundance often forgotten, love.”

“There are many varied, wonderful, colorful, and loving people out there waiting for us to welcome them into our world.”

“Your stormy days will not be dreaded once you can learn to dance in the rain.”

“Remember the things in life that are free to each of us–our family, our friends, our soul, our hopes, our dreams, and our knowledge—are the most important.”

“Intense feelings of love and admiration come while serving our fellow beings.”

“Motivation is knowing you are learning, growing, and succeeding toward your desired outcome while sustaining positive momentum.”

“We truly are blessed with an army of youth following us through life; destined to make our world a better place.”

“Taking the time to understand why we are as we are will be one of the greatest gifts you will ever possess.”

“There is something in each of us, guiding, leading and inspiring us. We all have a purpose; follow your heart. There are no faults when we learn from the events of our lives. Blessings are given to those who gain knowledge from experience.”

“Eyes are the gateway to the heart and the windows of the soul. They are a place where love resides and another perspective is gained. Take the time; stare if necessary— gain understanding and see the hope of a better day.”

“There are friends, loved ones, and strangers praying for your involvement in their life. Act on it!”

‎”Pray, pray often; understand answers given, whether meeting our desires or not, are what are best for us.”

“In our growth and celebration, we have people come into our lives, rewarding us with their wisdom and example.”

“Don’t become discouraged with lack of overnight accomplishment; instead, remember: step by step, line upon line, one day at a time.”

“Realize “motivation” is simply taking one step at a time and never giving up. You don’t need to go from the ground floor to the top of the building in one step; no one can! Take one step at a time and keep climbing.”

‎”Our ability to understand and reason will prove invaluable; it will navigate us down paths of success, allowing us to accomplish anything. It isn’t necessary for us to live through all life’s experiences for us to gain wisdom; many have already learned by practice and will teach us willingly.”

“When we find our passion and are motivated to stick with it; we will accomplish anything we hope for over time.”

“We need to learn eternally what makes us happy, not exaggerating others perceived experiences.”

“To accomplish absolutely anything we want to in life, we must go step by step.”

“Some of our deepest understandings come from the simplest words or statements.”

“When you share, you learn; when you learn, you grow; and when you grow, you develop…”

“As you contemplate the deeper meaning of going through life without clear direction, you might find there are far more circumstances where we just go through life unaware of where we are going.”

“We might see the world completely differently if first we could learn to think of others and how we make them feel.”

“The way we become our best individually is by enabling others.”

“Live a life fulfilled; reflect on the things you have with gratitude.”

“The energy used to succeed is not much more than that of being complacent if it is directed properly.”

“The person inside you is someone we all need exposed to greatness, don’t be afraid!”

“Make the decision, make it with confidence, and the world will be yours.”

“The greater your knowledge; the less you want.”

‎”Courage is not always learned from our bravest, endurance from our greatest athletes or leadership from our strongest, brightest, or most intelligent.”

“The attitude of willingness to see the world through the eyes of those whom you meet will be your greatest gift.”

“Know deep in your soul, the only thing preventing you from reaching your dream is the fear of knowing “you can do it!”

“We will all find an intense love for our fellow beings by understanding each other.”

“True happiness comes from recognition and appreciation of what we already have.”

“Life is not about “how we feel” but “how we make others feel.”

“Leaders understand it is not they who achieve but the collection of all thoughts and desires.”

“Obstacles will be conquered, abilities expressed, and your wildest dreams met with confidence as you rely on your heart.”

“Know deep within your soul you have a compass which will express itself to greatness if not overcome by unworthy fears of decisions.”

“We take a course in life directed by what seem at the time to be simple decisions.”

“Show charity toward your fellow beings and live a life many will only dream of.”

“Think of others before yourself; you’ll be blown away how rich your life will become.”

“Selflessness in relationships allows for a closeness many will never experience.”

“Together we are better, stronger and smarter. Apart we divide, fall and are unable to grow.”

“I am a proud American; I feel blessed to be part of a diverse collection of citizens who want for a better world.”

“Success is nothing more or less than being who you want to be, and progressing toward your ideal each day.”

“Think of life as your mirror; whatever you portray from your soul reflects back on you, often in greater brilliance than the light given.”

“Our diversity is strength; coming to consensus is not having everything our way but realizing value in opinion.”

“To live a rich life of self-satisfaction, loyal friends, great wisdom, and countless opportunities try giving at every turn. Offer to help with no expectation of receiving. Share your wisdom, your talents, and your possessions.”

“To put the wheels in motion for a positive change in your life by counting your blessings.

“Life does not afford us enough time to waste in doubt or fear; instead, spend time with faith and confidence knowing your next moves will enable your future.”

“Have as a natural mindset the thought you will never run out of worth by giving totally and completely.”


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