We will prevail over time

As I look to the future, fearing our President may be defeated, I am comforted knowing his supporters are optimistic by nature. We will move on with fans rooted in goodness, knowing that hard times bring experience. We will find ways to pursue happiness. We don’t turn to endless protests but seek the silver lining in every opportunity. We understand our values will prove out over time. Patience will be our virtue as it has been over the centuries of progression we have realized as a free people.

Our President was inspired and divinely granted an opportunity to fill our courts with conservative justices. These men and women will be effective in upholding the law rather than expanding the social will of small groups who hope to destroy our country.

Socialism and other extreme ideologies will not have an audience in the Senate. The experienced, conservative leadership was reelected and enjoys an excellent broad base representing a diverse group of citizens across the country.

The moderate Democrats have realized we aren’t the people the media has portrayed. Congress will be evenly split, with many democrats admitting they can’t survive by promoting ideals of the far-left vocal minority.

Respect for the media may never recover. Americans are tired of misinformation. They will retreat from the bias and find new resources to gather information.

Trump will be unrestricted. For those who believe our President didn’t hold back, wait until he opens fire on those parts of government we have never seen. He alone, through his Twitter account, will continue to advocate for transparency in our county.

If we have felt Biden doesn’t have the strength to lead, wait until his party, in their civil war, fights for their version of the future democrat party. Harris isn’t respected; she isn’t even liked in her party. She couldn’t gain traction as an inter-party candidate. She will weigh down on the administration as she panders to or promotes activists.

Fortunately, I see a lot of good that will come from this election. We may concentrate on the President; it hurts! We loved him. We knew the good he was doing and what was left undone. And it isn’t over.

The silver lining I see is bright and filled with opportunity. Keep the faith, hold onto hope, and know our covenant land will prevail.

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