Where do we turn?

Our lives are filled to capacity with nearly every waking moment occupied with interpersonal relationships, work, service, and, hopefully, regular physical activity. To stay well-versed in political happenings around us, we need to rely on information sources dedicated to gathering the essence of philosophies who relay the story without bias. We can then make judgments based on our viewpoints.

Not long ago, I remember being a regular observer of Meet the Press. I grew up watching Tim Russert. I can’t say I ever got the feeling he was leading me toward a political view. While I wasn’t as active politically then, I felt he kept me in touch with national political news. I could weave in my own experience with what he shared. When David Gregory became host, I felt a change in portraying bias causing me to watch less frequently. I couldn’t watch ten minutes of Chuck Todd and haven’t observed since he is the host. No matter what or where I hear or read, I ignore it if his opinion is shared. I know he can’t be objective at all.

I sought out other venues, which, to my dismay, was difficult. I like listening to diverse opinions as I gain perspective. Our society is made better when we hear differing views finding areas of common ground. Anderson Cooper was one who I felt was able to bring a unique angle. He is a gay man, comes from the Vanderbilt fortune, suffered the loss of a brother, and had a fact-checker career. I enjoyed many of his 60 Minute series. I knew he held some bias but wanted to hear his perspective. Then, in what he described as “regret,” he went off on hate speech I’ve never heard on broadcast television. I will never respect him, nor will I believe a story he reports on again.

If Brian Williams had to step down for his actions in embarrassment, or Matt Lauer, why is Cooper not being removed from journalism?

The trend is troubling to me! Our country is made better when people can take information and come to their conclusion. I am talking about one media source. What about biased filtering by search engines, social platforms, influencers, and education.

I don’t have the time to spend filtering through what is objective or spun for political gain. I don’t want to be led; I want to sort through unbiased information and come to my conclusion. If that were easier in the past, where do we turn today? A free country relies on the voice of the people.

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