My letter to the President

President Trump,

It isn’t lost on me that you enjoyed a prosperous life surrounded by a supportive family. I also recognize that many in your position fade into retirement, relishing in their God-given achievements. For these reasons, I want to thank you personally for choosing the selfless path of public service. Perhaps more important is what your uncanny strength in sticking to principle has given our country, particularly in the face of those with opposing views who relentlessly sought to destroy you.

Thank you, we and future generations will realize the protections granted by your judicial appointments to District, Federal Appellate, and the Supreme Court. These women and men will interpret our Constitution as divinely written rather than set unique patterns for what modern liberals want the law to say. These experienced professionals will maintain our religious freedom and ensure our liberties.

Thank you, we and future generations will maintain our freedom from radical extremism whose mission is to destroy our country. Your support and enhancement of our military gave those who sacrifice(d) for our country the satisfaction of knowing we honor them. These women and men now enjoy updated equipment, better pay, and the care they deserve. Your efforts have defeated ISIS, persuaded European nations to pay more to NATO, strengthened allies, limited nuclear bomb proliferation, and reformed Veteran affairs.

Thank you, we and future generations will appreciate peace as you walked away from endless wars. You stood with Israel and negotiated peace in the Middle East. History will prove your actions to be herculean in that no other leader held the fortitude to stand alone as you did, knowing with confidence peace could be secured.

Thank you, we and future generations will live in greater prosperity, security, and happiness because you implemented best practices from the business community. Your efforts lowered tax burdens,  removed excessive regulations, and negotiated new trade agreements. Politicians haven’t been able to understand what is natural to you. These economic changes affect ordinary people’s everyday lives, not just the wealthy. We are better today than before you took office in 2016. We saw firsthand your determination brought jobs back to America and lowered unemployment to historical levels, including African-American and Hispanic workers.

Thank you, we and future generations will live knowing your time turned the corner to protect unborn babies. You were the first President to attend the pro-life March for Life in Washington DC personally. Not only will lives be saved, but healthcare workers can decline participation in procedures based on conscience or religious conviction.

Thank you, we and future generations will realize an education best suited for personal needs. You helped by placing leaders in positions that gave support for expanding programs to develop options for parents looking for alternatives to traditional public schools.

Thank you, we and future generations will see that we can find humane solutions to undocumented workers when our country borders are protected. The first step no other leader could accomplish. As a country, we can more effectively protect those who are escaping genuine threats and admit people who will most likely contribute positively to our society. These principles were lost for nefarious purposes and will once again help build a great nation.

Thank you, we and future generations will no longer be subject to reliance on foreign countries for energy. It isn’t only about the pump price; while that is nice, it means our dependence won’t threaten our national security. Pipelines were approved, and mining was granted following strict environmental protections. You wisely removed us from accords written by feel good radical environmentalists that would have increased cost with no statistical benefit to the environment. These measures saved jobs and significantly impacted the poor as they pay more as a percentage of income for fueling needs.

Thank you, we and future generations will enjoy property rights that allow farmers to grow their crops, ranchers to raise their livestock, and landowners to develop their land by abandoning the “waterways of the US.” The federal government had seized control of water on private land. These women and men have proven to preserve the land and maintain healthy waterways. It is the only way they could continue their operations as they have done for generations. They default naturally to protection. You were aware of this and implemented rules easily followed without the costs of hiring professionals to understand regulations and monitoring.

Thank you, we and future generations will lower the costs of construction projects. On average, it took four and a half years and as much as six years to navigate environmental impact studies. These studies could be used to outlast development rather than make it environmentally sound. Your guidelines will save costs by streamlining the process. These actions will be a huge help in building America, which will include failing infrastructures.

Thank you, we and future generations will laugh with you that you were criticized for colluding with Russia or China. You stood up to them stealing intellectual properties, participating in espionage, and violating international copyright laws. You increased our Naval presence in the South China Sea and asked European nations to increase their defense against potential Russian invasion. Not the actions of someone beholden to or favorite of a foreign government.

Thank you, we and future generations will study how you could respond to a world crisis in protecting us against a novel virus. It was believed that nearly 2,500,000 lives would be lost in our country alone. To date, only a fraction have been lost because you restricted travel, mobilized our military to construct hospitals, persuaded industry to build ventilators, fast-tracked trials for a vaccine, and quickly passed relief packages. You shattered an FDA approval record with #OperationWrapSpeed! The previous record from research to approval was four years; we will have a vaccine within a year with your help. Unfortunately, the Democrats wanted to make the coronavirus a political issue. Those of us who don’t hate you understand what miracles you performed for the world’s individuals and families.

I could go on. Let me finish by saying I am not alone in these feelings. While I don’t see myself as deplorable, redneck, ugly folk, or a chump, nor do I see the Doctors, Attorneys, Engineers, Nurses, Miners, Farmers, Military, and everyday citizens who think as I do. We love you. Words that aren’t typically uttered to a politician. Yet, they are deserved because you sacrificed much for us. Know in your heart that we are grateful you choose to serve and stand by you as you continue to fight for our country.

May God continued to bless you.


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